Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day in the Life 2012

Its that time again for y'all to see what it's like in this household...although this is highly edited ;-)

Wake up time/breakfast time!


Time for Mom's cup (and no it's not 6:45..I wish)

It's time for Lauren to get up and eat breakfast!  Mike was traveling this day so I guess it was a "eat wherever you want day".

Travis eating a doughnut "his way"

And the result

 It's time for Lauren to go to school

 A little time for me to do my hair and makeup

On our way to the boys' gymnastics class

We grab lunch before we head home...because Ian  someone always falls asleep before we get home.

I'm not joking - he's already asleep.

While the boys are sleeping, I do a little baking, some laundry and some web surfing!

Lauren got home and went out and got the mail...with some help.

Since the coffee has worn off...I move onto this for some energy.

I think this is the umptinth snack time 

A little more playtime before dinner

While Dad is away on business....I take dinner down a notch!

Travis (left) and Logan being silly before bedtime.

I may or may not have encouraged the boys to help Lauren with her clarinet practice.

Ian brushing teeth.

Logan's turn

Mr. Travis giving it a whirl.

A N's bedtime!  Whew.

As previously noted, this post is heavily edited.  I didn't feel the need to take pictures of potty breaks (which there are a ton with three little boys), or any fights that broke out during the day. 

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