Wednesday, May 14, 2008

29 weeks - almost there

Today was my recent OB appt. The boys are weighing 3 lbs a piece and are right on track. I'm doing well too; no restrictions have been placed on me as of yet. I haven't decided which hospital I'm going to deliver all depends upon how long I can keep these boys in here.
The nursery is done, we do need to hang stuff on the walls, but that's not necessary in my opinion just yet.
No new pics of the boys today, I couldn't stand to lay there any longer than I needed too due to the weight of the boys crushing my arteries and depriving my brain of oxygen!!
I've stalled at about 162 lbs and a 49 inch waist for now. My appetite is gone but eat because I know I need to.
Mike has done a great job in running the household as well as working his more than full time job!!! Big Kudos to him.
Lauren is almost done with school and will be done on 5 June.

Not much else going on...just taking it easy and waiting for the boys to come out and play (after they reach about 4 1/2 lbs).

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