Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A new school year

This year Lauren is a big 7th grader.  School started for her last week and it was filled with new schedules and volleyball tryouts!   Yes, she made the team.  There are three teams for 7th grade; A B C.  She made the B team and games begin tomorrow and go through the end of October.

Lauren is also starting Lacrosse practice this week. This is the first time since she was 4 years old that she is not playing soccer.  I'm proud of Ms. L for trying stepping out of her comfort zone and trying a new sport.

Today the boys started their final year of Mothers Day Out (aka Preschool).  It's hard to believe that next year they will be going to kindergarten.  Yes, I'm excited for them, excited that I won't be writing a "car payment" for preschool, but sad that my little boys are growing up. This is my last year of having them at home with me all day long ;-(

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