Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

The boys had 4 egg hunts this year. Perhaps next year I need to tone it down. Two of the functions required that each kid bring 12 filled eggs...which really isn't that bad when you have one kid ;-)

This is the bunch of kids from our Early Childhood PTA group.  The wooden structure behind the kids was being torn down the following day.

The boys Mothers Day Out program had an egg hunt.  No picture of that - as I was the one playing the role of the Easter Bunny and had to hide after my job was done. 

The boys are in line for yet another egg hunt. This one was sponsored by the city.  We've gone every year since Lauren was 4

Waiting for the bullhorn...

And here are the kids coloring Easter eggs.  I didn't buy any dyeing kits this year.  I tried using water and kool-aid and that worked great.  I also used vinegar, water, and food coloring - worked like a charm too!

Here's the shorties from our Easter Brunch.
Logan, Travis, Lauren, Ian, Harper, Ava (cousin) and Maddie

This one just cracks me up.  Nana and Lauren listen very well!

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Crystal said...

Aww, fun! Growing up so fast - all of them!!

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