Monday, October 10, 2011

The boys room is done!

We put the boys in their toddler beds in mid July and I'm finally done transforming their baby room to a big boy room.  It takes me forever to decide what I'm going to do and make sure that I get a good deal on what I've decided on and then I'll decide on something different and then decide that it the first choice was better than the second and then I'll say it doesn't matter and then finally I'll pull the trigger on my first choice! ;-)

Vinyl names on the wall should help the babysitter at bedtime!
I was eyeing these canvas prints at Target for months.  When I finally decided to buy them, they were on clearance.  See, taking forever to decide has it's advantages.

I even made the boys curtains for their window!

Now we are thinking what we are going to do when they graduate from toddler beds. I'll need more brain cells for that transition and I'm not looking forward to it for numerous reasons!

1 comment:

LeeAnn said...

Very classic and clean looking. I like it!

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