Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's been awhile....

Wow has it really been almost 4 weeks since I updated? I had a couple drafts in the que but nothing published.

Let's see what has happened since the last post on 23 April?

a. Easter Sunday - crazy hunt at the house and then crazy lunch and confetti eggs at Nana's and Papa's.

b. took all three boys to the dentist for the first time (that is a post in itself)

c. Lauren had an orthopedic evaluation due to pains in her ankles/Achilles tendon but the diagnosis was good. All that is wrong is that her growth plates in heel is not completely closed so she is having to stretch twice a day and wear some orthotics for the next few months.

d. Lauren has played in two soccer tournaments in the last two weeks.

e. Lauren is signed up for middle school and is signed up for band and will be playing the clarinet!

f. Ian had a small cavity filled at the dentist.

g. Is that it? seems like so much more! I'm constantly feeling like my calendar is way out of control.

Oh I'm sure the list continues and I've forgotten something.

On a positive note, Ian is wearing underwear willingly and is making numerous trips to the potty. When I say numerous...I mean it. Every 10 minutes! I'm ok with all the trips to the potty but my water bill is going to be outrageous because he has to flush every time! But again...I'm happy...we are making progress. He even is taking a nap right now in a pull up (bedtime special underwear). Notice I didn't talk about accidents ;-)

Logan and Travis are talking more and more. If you have followed the blog or are family, then you know that they were a little speech delayed. We have a speech therapist that comes out to the house once a week to work with the boys and will continue until they turn 3 next month. She even says that they have greatly improved and jokes that they don't need her anymore, but she still helps me with new ideas to get these boys to talk and we even tried to play Candyland with all three....big fail...but it's something we can work on again.

Now for some pics....


A couple of Fridays ago Lauren has a lock in at her school and it was a Luau theme.
I thought she picked out some cute Hawaiian items. Mike thought it might be over the top had I ordered her a real lei from Hawaii (but ohhh I was so tempted).

and while sissy was at her school function, the boys ate outside!

and this one? well just because Travis looks sooo comfy.

1 comment:

Jen said...

just came across your blog from multiples and more :)
your family is so cute!!
that picture on your sidebar of the boys crying just cracked me up. Probably so typical for you to see back then :) just precious!!!

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