Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Spring break comes quite early in North Texas. The weather has been gorgeous and we decided to take a few days and go to one of our favorite places, Glen Rose. We once again visited Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. This was the highlight of our trip; this is one of Lauren's favorite places and I think the boys now agree.

Lauren and Logan looking cool!

The boys were able to be out of their carseats and roam the van during our 5.5 hour drive thru the park. We can usually drive thru the park at about 2 hours, but not on spring break!

Not a whole lot of pictures of the different types of deer we saw in the first part of the park.
Here are the kids at the picnic table looking like they are behaving. We were at the lookout area for about an hour and a half, most of that time waiting for our lunch.

We pile back into the car and wait in line to see our favs...the zebras and giraffes. And we wait......and wait. What usually takes about 10 minutes took us 90 minutes. All the kids feel asleep almost immediately and I was a little disappointed that they wouldn't get to see the animals.

But as luck would have it, they all woke up as we were 3 cars back from the giraffes.

Here is Ian feeding the giraffe.

We stayed over night in Glen Rose and the next morning we started out at Dinosaur Valley State Park. This park is known to have 113 million year old Dinosaur Tracks in the Paluxy River bed. We got caught up with a couple of the park rangers who heard we had triplets. One by one they came to the car to check out the family. Once we got past the entrance to the park, we saw some dinosaurs and a gift shop (fun for whole family).

Ian on another rock climbing expedition at the park. (and notice the paper in his hands - that boy won't put it down for anything)

This is one of the sites that you can see the dinosaur tracks in the river bed. We parked and walked down some stairs to get to the side of the river. Then we have to step over about 8 large, flat rocks to get to this area. Mike and Lauren are looking at the tracks, behind them is more of the river.

Here is one of the tracks. I would have taken more, but as I was taking some pictures I heard "sploosh".

This is the end of the picture show of our vacation in Glen Rose. Right after I heard the sploosh, I ran over and saw Ian in the river (fully clothed). Mike was right there and had taken off his socks and shoes so he could put his feet in the water. He took three steps in and lost his balance and blammo he was soaked from head to toe. Mom here wasn't too happy since he was crying and no one had been listening to me all morning, so I picked him up and headed to the car. Stepping over those large flat rocks with a flailing kid was a little nerve wracking. Needless to say, Ian rode home with nothing but a diaper!

On our way home we attempted to go to the Fort Worth Zoo, but it was a mad house. Parking was nearly impossible and we just decided that we will go another day. We headed home and called it a week!

School is back in session and we are getting back to normal mode (whatever that is).

Potty training is slow and painful. Ian wore underwear all day yesterday, 4 accidents and no successes on the potty. He refused to put on underwear this morning so I moved on to Travis. No accidents this morning and no successes on the potty- he either is going to fill that diaper during his nap or going to explode!

**so sorry for the formatting issue on this post. Blogger is doing some weird shit and I don't have the time nor the patience to figure it out!

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