Friday, September 3, 2010

Vacation July 2010

Ahh..our first summer vacation as a family of 6!! Where do we decide to go? Someplace close? Oh heck no...we go to Michigan, an 18+ hour drive.

The drive wasn't really that bad going (coming back was a different story). We only drove 6-7 hours a day with plenty of stops and we made sure the hotels that we stayed at had pools.

We got to see some extended family at a party that my sister and brother threw for us. It's so much easier for everyone to come to us.

There was a lot of snuggling going on:

Aunt Kathy and Travis

Keaton and Logan

Partying with family:

Keaton is waiting on his next order!

Uncle Bob teaching Ian to play cards.

Uncle Jim, Aunt Shirley, and Iva Lynn.

Great Aunt Elma June, cousin Maggie, and Great Uncle Bob chatting with Bob, Katie, Sonya and Janette.

Some cleaning....

Hanging around the fire..making s'mores, telling jokes. There were no lighting of bodily functions at this campfire...apparently we keep that for the Phillips pool party!

Lauren with her new cousin.

Ian with Bev and Papa.

Keaton and "mini me"

Last, but not least. I saw my pen pal, Chari. I've known Chari since I was about 9 years old. She is a friend of my cousin, Tammy, and we met my Aunt and Uncle that weekend to go camping. I remember Chari being so patient with me as I wanted to hang around the "big girls". We exchanged addresses and we wrote each other back and forth for years. Then when I turned 16 we worked at the same place in town. Even after moving to Hawaii, Chari and I kept in touch..maybe not as frequently as we both would have liked! I try to see Chari whenever I'm in town, but this time she made it to the party.

I'm guessing vacations from now on will be getting easier, right?

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