Thursday, July 16, 2009

One year stats

On June 20th the boys went to the pediatrician for their one year check up. WOW - let's just say that the dr visits have become very stressful. At this particular visit, we had Aunt Brenda helping us as well as Lauren. Unfortunately, we had to wait a bit longer than usual and the boys were wanting to get down and play in front of the door - of all places in that room. I'm hoping their 15-month checkup is a bit less trying.

But here are their stats:

29 1/2" long (50% percentile)
18.25 lbs (less than 5%)

29 1/2" long (50%)
18.7 lbs (5%) I believe this is the first time Travis has weighed more than Logan.

30 1/2" long (75%)
21.9 lbs (45%)

We have successfully graduated from formula to milk and have left most of the bottles behind. We have a 4 oz bottle in the morning, but the rest of the time is sippy cups.

At this appt, we had the dr check out both Logan and Travis for movement in their palette as it appeared that their teeth were moving forward due to their pacifiers....YUP!! there is movement. We let them have their binkies at night and for naps only, but that will come to an end in the next couple of days. They drop their binkies in the middle of the night and in the morning when they are playing in their room, both boys will go searching for extras under their bed. It's quite funny to see these little boys with their butts in the air and their heads going under their cribs to find their treasure!!

We set up the swimming pool that Nana bought them for their birthday. They love being out there - it is a 2 person job to keep them all in there and safe. Travis took the first header out of the pool and we have learned to put a little more air in the top portion of the pool!!

No big plans this weekend, it's the last weekend before volleyball starts for Lauren. Once again our Saturdays will be scheduled with games and then before I know it, it will be time for school.


Crystal said...

That's such a cute picture! One year - wow! Can you believe how much changes in one year? Sounds like life is good - that's great!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! I love the "1" picutre. Too cute! My guys also LOVE searching for the dropped binkies in the morning. ANd you are so right, the little bottoms in the air while under the crib is priceless. You'll have to let me know how the transition off of them go. Good luck!

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