Wednesday, October 8, 2008

3 months old


I'm a bit late (again) but the boys are 3 months old; and have been since September 26. Not much around here has changed. My days go by in a flash. We are still eating every 3 1/2 to 4 hours during the day BUT at night we are sleeping quite well. They are ready to go to bed around 6-7 p.m. and they usually sleep until about 2-3 a.m.
**UPDATE - two nights in a row they have slept from 7 pm to 5;30/6:00 a.m. WHOOO HOOO

A bit of bad news - my computer crashed and I lost about two weeks worth of pictures that you didn't see. I also lost pics that I had that I didn't upload to the Picasa account or on my jump drive. Luckily I put some pics on my jump drive to make prints out of them the day before it crashed - if I hadn't I would have lost a lot more. Mike is still reloading some of the programs that I had on the computer. I was without a computer/internet for about two days - talk about some withdrawl symptoms.

I've had some time to upload some pics to this site as well as some video. I'll also upload the rest of the pics to my Picasa account (see the link to the right New Pics).

I think the boys are ready for some baby food now. We feed them rice cereal before bed and for breakfast and they are eagerly awaiting for that spoon to hit their tongues. Our next appt with the pediatrician is on 4 November so we will find out how much they weigh.

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