Monday, February 25, 2008

Update on the boys

I'm so late in updating this site. My last peri appt was 2/13 and my OB appt was 2/14. I had great plans on getting the blog updated with pictures the same day of my OB appt...Well, here I am almost two weeks later updating.

Things are still looking good for all three boys (yes, we are now 100% sure they are boys). The peri did seem to think one was a girl for a moment, but then recanted his statement. They all are the about the same size and are measuring a couple days bigger than the norm.

We are working diligently in getting the nursery set up. We painted one color this weekend and Mike will f/u with the chair rail and then we will paint the second color (bottom half of the room) next weekend and move the furniture in there. Then I can relax right?

I'm feeling pretty good, although I do get tired very easily. I've hit the 140 lb mark and my waist is now 39 inches. Perhaps I need to put down the measuring tape. I also thought I could get along with some small and medium maternity clothes - NOPE - already in medium clothes and they are getting quite tight.

Next peri appt is 3/5 and OB appt 3/13/08. We are going to take Lauren to the OB appt so she can see the boys via sonogram. She is so excited. She was a little disappointed that she wasn't getting a little sister, but she is getting more and more excited about three "babies" being in the house. I've told her the story about when I was born and Bob said he "wasn't going to hold no dumb girl" and Mom couldn't get him to put me down when company came to visit.

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