Friday, August 28, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Hawaii

The planning of the trip was a year in the making.  In February 2014 a family friend messaged me and asked if we would like to plan a trip to Hawaii with her family for spring break.  After a few weeks we decided that it was a go.

Of course I had to give my kiddos leis.  It was a great feeling for me to do this for them.

All of our slippers outside our rented house.

One of the stops on the way up to Haleakala 

Lunch stop at our favorite restaurant, Aloha Mixed Plate

Downtown Lahaina 

Probably shouldn't be sitting on one of the oldest Banyan trees

Mike got to play a round of golf while we hung out at the beach

The boys had a blast at the beach - it was a little chilly tho.

Lauren and her friend Rachel at the Luau

One of the many sunsets we saw.  This one was taken from the Luau

The Duke statue and the boys on Waikiki beach

One of many stops for Shave Ice.  This is my favorite one on the North Shore of Oahu

Had to stop and check out the ukulele's  in Haliewa 

Looking for shells on Waikiki beach

Lauren and Mike went out for sushi one night.  Lauren tried quail egg on her sushi...ewwwww

The boat shuttle to the Arizona was closed this day due to heavy winds.  So we made the best of it and checked out the museum. 
Got to see my good friend Connie - it's been 13 year since I saw her!

Of course, you gotta check out the Pali Lookout!

What an awesome time was had by all.  The boys keep saying that they want to go back to Hawaii tomorrow.  If only it was that easy..and cheap!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Holidays 2015

After Aunt Brenda and Uncle Bob left it was time to get the inside of the house decorated. This year seemed to take me weeks to do it.

I always have lots of help.

We got a new puppy, Rocket is his name. 

The boys working on their gingerbread houses.

This year there were a couple of us that missed Christmas Eve at Nana's house.  Lauren was just getting over the flu and Ian was diagnosed with the flu that morning of Christmas Eve.  I stayed behind with the sickies and told Mike to take the two other boys.  I was sure to call Pam and tell her to send some enchiladas home with Mike though.

Lauren opening her gifts from Nana/Papa and Aunt Tiff/Uncle Justin.

Logan and Travis were so eager to have Ian open his gifts.

Christmas morning the boys checking out their loot.

Logan following instruction on putting his legos together.

Lauren helping the boys make designs with their Perler beads.

Ian is tuckered out.  Dang flu.

Travis with his Little Shopkins that all the boys wanted.

The new game room addition.  Mike and I put that together Christmas Eve night without anyone waking up. AMAZING!

Looks like Rocket had a great first Christmas!

Thanksgiving 2014

This year was somewhat different than past Thanksgivings. This time we had Aunt Jessica come visit from Cali and of course, Aunt Brenda came to visit. But you will see that we had a special guest show up a couple days before Thanksgiving.

The Aunts being brave and playing cards with the boys!

SURPRISE!!  Uncle Bob showed up this year!

Don't be alarmed..Lauren's mimosa was without alcohol

I'm not even sure how to caption this picture ;-) But I love it.

The cousins eating out on the patio!

While Mike took Lauren to a mandatory volleyball meeting, I talked Bob into "helping" me put up some Christmas lights.

Of course, Ian wants to help Uncle Bob with anything.  Bob said he has never put up Christmas lights in 70 degree weather!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Another 5

Another 5 months flew by without an update here on the blog.  I seem to post our happenings on Facebook more than I do here, but I'll try to recap summer, the boys birthday,start of first grade and high school, HS volleyball, Homecoming, and Halloween.  See we have been busy ;-)

Bev and Dad made it down for the boys birthday!

Grandpa and Travis playing

The waterslide was a hit.

The boys at the Children's Museum in GR on our home trip

Last picture before headed to the airport
(it was caption earlier that it was the Johnson/Scott crew - but I'm missing Katie AND Bob. We are going to be better about getting the whole Johnson crew in pictures from now on;
less talking and more picture taking ;-)

Hanging out on our neighbors boat during the summer.

Camper of the week on the very first day!
First day of 1st grade and 9th grade!

Freshman "A" team starting player!

My pretty girl; her first Homecoming dance
We lost our 20 yr old kitty, Mageera, just a few days before Halloween.

Superheroes and a Villain
With the holidays upon us, I'll try to update more often, but that's what I said 5 months ago.
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